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Subject: Family Compound 4Boo Boo teenie lolita model pics
spent the night in the clubhouse with Tim and Red. Because of my
age, I was not allowed to spend the night with them. The adults of the
compound did not feel Boo Boo was responsible enough to care for me
overnight. I spent the night with my Uncle Junebug, my mother's oldest
sibling and my eighteen year old cousin, Nay.Uncle Junebug dropped dark loli zone teens Nay and I off at the compound in the late afternoon.
After searching the compound and not finding Boo Boo we decided to check
out the clubhouse. As we knocked on the door of the clubhouse we heard
voices, but no one answered.Nay tried the doorknob and found the door was unlocked. We entered the
clubhouse and there was Red standing in front of the couch, naked, his long
limp, dick hanging at the head of a neighborhood girl, Keisha. Keisha was
also naked and laying on her back with her legs draped over the arm of the
couch.Nay gasped and then giggled. Red turned around, tapped Keisha on her
shoulder and nodded towards us. Keisha leaned her head back, "Hey Nay,
what's up girl?"Suddenly, Boo Boo's head appeared from between Keisha's legs. He smiled
and licked his lips. "Hey, what y'all doing here?""Looking for you." Nay laughed. "I see you're busy."Keisha laughed. "Girl, you should try some of this dick." She nodded
towards Boo Boo, "and the tongue ain't bad either.""Well...well, we'll see you later." Nay grabbed my shoulders and pushed me
backwards out the door.Nay and I were in the basement of the compound, watching a movie on the big
screen TV when Boo Boo arrived."Hey, Nay. What's up, Bam Bam." Boo Boo sat on the couch next to Nay."Damn, Boo. You a freak," Nay said."Yeah," Boo Boo agreed, "and it was good." He grinned and grabbed his
crotch."That Red had a dick on him," Nay exclaimed."Yep, he tore that pussy up!" Boo Boo began giving explicit details of how
hae and Red fucked Keisha. As he finished the story, he sat with his legs
spread, grasping the bulge in his shorts."Were you eating her out," Nay asked.Boo Boo licked his lips. "Mmm, that snatch was good.""Damn," sighed Nay. "Nobody's ever eaten my pussy." She shifted and
spread her legs."Really." Boo Boo looked at her and stuck lolita preteen story sites out his tongue. Nay laughed.
"You want to try it.""You know somebody?" Nay asked, obviously excited."I'll do it," Boo Boo told her."You're my cousin," Nay shook her head."It's not like I'm gonna fuck you and get you pregnant." Boo Boo stuck his
tongue out and slowly licked around his lips.Nay looked at me. "What about Bam?""He won't tell nobody and he might learn something." Boo Boo laughed. I
just nodded."Well..." Nay comtemplated.Boo Boo stood up. "Let's go." We followed Boo Boo up the stairs and all
the way to the third floor. Boo Boo practically ran up the stairs. When
Nay and I reached the third floor, he was in one of the two rooms stepping
out of his shorts. He turned to Nay. "Get off your panties. I'm gonna
give you something to remember."Nay underage lolita nonnude models was about 5'8". She had large breast, a slim waist and a big round
ass. She opened her pants and then sat on the bed to remove them. She
wore red panties trimmed in black. Boo Boo stood stroking his dick as he
watched Nay remove her panties.I stared when her pussy came into view. There was a patch of triangular
hair above the slit and her pussy lips were completely bald. She leaned
back on her elbows and spread her legs. I could see pink folds that seemed
to be moist. A little tongue poked out. Boo Boo squeezed his dick and
licked his lips as he approached her. She nodded at Boo Boo's midsection.
"Nice dick," she smiled.Boo Boo sunk to his knees between her legs, using his hand to spread her
legs wider. He looked up preteen video cp lolita at me. "Take off those pants and get down here."
I took off my pants and kneeled next to him. He rubbed her clit as he
looked at me. "You might learn something."Nay was moaning. Boo Boo leaned over and licked the outside of her pussy
lips. Nay hissed. Boo Boo lick along her clit. Nay sighed. Boo Boo
leaned in closer, stuck his tongue alongside her clit and licked upwards.
Nay hissed again. Boo Boo began twirling his tongue in a circular motion
around Nay's clit. Nay suddenly lifted her leg and almost kicked me in the
chin.Boo Boo raised up, looked at me and smiled. He pressed her clit with his
hand. "Try it." Boo Boo moved back to allow me room between Nay's legs.
I took his place directly between his legs and stared into the pink folds
of her pussy. Slowly, I moved my head towards Nay's pussy. As I moved
closer, I could feel and smell the heat. I stuck out my tongue and gently
licked the clit. The taste was sort of tangy. Boo Boo pushed my head
closer into her. I tried to suck her clit, but it was too small to wrap my
lips around. I stuck my tongue in as far as I could and licked along the
clit. "Whooo," Nay moaned. I flicked the young nude lolita models
clit with my tongue. "Oh, oh,
ahhh," Nay moaned. I felt a a surge of liquid on my tongue, the taste
bitter, yet sweet. I licked at Nay's clit a few more times before Boo Boo
gently pushed me away.Boo Boo took my place between Nay's legs. He placed his thumb at the
bottom of the slit of her pussy and leaned in, attaching his lips to her
pussy lips. I could her the suction as he sucked in. Nay bucked and then
shuddered. Boo Boo relaxed his lips and began a circular motion with his
tongue. He leaned up for a second, took a deep breath and placed my hand
around his dick. As I began to stroke him, he leaned back into Nay's
pussy. He flicked her clit with his tongue. "Oh, oh, oh, Boo, Boo," Nay
was practically screaming. I watched as Boo Boo attached his lips to hers
again. Nay's legs spread straight up and out. Boo Boo leaned back a
little, flicked at her pussy with his tongue and then attached his lips to
her pussy again. Nay shuddered, "Oooohhh, owww, ahhh," Nay continued to
shudder. Boo Boo looked as if he were sucking venom out of her. Nay
grabbed his head as if trying to push his whole face into her.As Nay's orgasm subsided she rested her legs on Boo Boo's shoulders. Boo
Boo stood and stroked his dick. After about five strokes he leaned in and
shot his load over Nay's pussy and stomach.I needed to cum badly. I jacked my dick, spilling my cum along Nay's
thigh. Nay lay back with her eyes closed. Boo Boo placed his hand in my
cum on her leg. He looked at me, smiled and licked the cum from his palm.Nay leaned up and looked at the cum covering her stomach, pussy and thigh.
Boo Boo picked up his shirt and cleaned the cum from her. I dropped to the
floor and sat to catch my breath. Boo Boo leaned down, kissed Nay's pussy
and sat between her legs with his back against the bed."Wow," Nay sighed. "That felt really good.""It tasted good, too," Boo Boo laughed and licked his lips.
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